They are large (up to 3 cm), fast-flying bees, distinguished from the closely related genus Epicharis by the absence of long, whip-like setae that project backwards from just behind the eyes. They are commonly encountered bees in American deserts, and are active at very high ambient temperatures when many other species are in hiding. They can often be seen in large numbers on desert-willow (Chilopsis) and palo verde (Parkinsonia) blossoms. Bees of this genus are of some economical significance in pollinating crops such as Brazil Nut (Bertholletia excelsa) and Cashew (Anacardium occidentale, pollinated by C. tarsata among others). propose une mine de renseignements utiles pour conseiller les consommateurs dans l'achat ou la vente d'une propriété au Québec. Les courtiers immobiliers indépendants sont membres des organismes officiels du courtage immobilier structuré au Canada et au Québec (Association canadienne de l'immeuble (ACI) et les Chambres immobilières du Québec). Ils profitent des services reconnus des marques déposées S.I.A.® /MLS®, Service inter-agences®, REALTOR®, REALTORS® et de®, de même que des applications mobiles REALTOR® et Prospects®.
Your broker will help you fill in the seller’s declaration, prepare and explain all of the clauses in the promise to purchase, and help organize all the documents you need for the signing at the notary’s office. Your broker will also inform you of the steps to take to buy or sell a home and can guide you to competent professionals who you may need to consult with.